Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eco-Living: Small DIY Furniture Projects

Carpentry is a real man’s skill.  Something I only partially learned from my Dad during my teen-age years.  But came the corporate life, and a busy social life – and the old-school skill was lost.
But it doesn’t have to stay ‘lost’ forever.  There was a time that I found it ‘painful’ to see wood scraps from my friend’s home project. After decades of not handling a hammer or saw, I just worked on it – intent of removing the scrap from sight – and producing something useful.

Alas, my first in the series of small DIY from-scrap projects – a small giraffe-themed short foyer table (that looks like a bench) of some sort.
My Giraffe table.  I only used angular to connect the 'legs' (back then I have not learned using wood glue), all parts were scrap plywood.  +5 years and still alive, recently as our home's Christmas tree stand.

I recognize then that this small foyer table will not last owing to the weakness of the scrap plywood materials – but it’s been 5 years since, and it still standing strong.
I went on the created a small double-H shelf for the bathroom, again using remnant wood.  And I’m proud that it’s still there and used!

Other home needs drove me to buy my first power tool. A drill!   But I found it very useful as I continue with my wood work.  I wish to acquire other life-simplification power tools – but lack of working space made me limit to ‘manual labor’.  O well, perhaps at some better time and place!
Still, creating an opportunity (what to build) and presence of scrap or recyclable materials are good enough driver for me to create little projects.  It keeps me busy, hone my skills, brings out creativity and problem-solving skills, and reduces trash!  One need not be a super artist-carpenter to get fulfilled in this effort – just interested enough, with little time and money, an inspiration perhaps – and a strong go-get-it or just-do-it attitude.  

Seeing your own creation has its magic. It makes you smile. Try building one! Just don't hit your finger with a hammer please. :) 
I got scrap coconut wood (not the best type to work with) and old tiles sitting idle, and made them into a 'garden table' during Christmas.  It's now used as a side table where I put decorative houseplants.   I used strong adhesive - Liquid Nail to glue the tiles. 

Forget my steamed chicken, focus on the wall. Not a furniture per se but I built this 'wall cover' from scrap plywood (and newly acquired vintage tiles) to cover and protect the wall from cooking spills and 'flying oil' when frying.  

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