Thursday, January 12, 2017

Eco-living: Indoor Plants for a Better Home

Snake Plant - a matured 'cutling' that I simply transferred/re-planted from an overflowing pot.  Decorative pot or vase (variable and changeable) adds beauty and positive vibe. 

I’ve been a reluctant garden enthusiast being in the Metro city with limited ‘garden backyard opportunity’ to tend do.  But visiting my home in the province more often lately (to visit my ailing mom), coupled by a good read of NASA’s top 10 air-improving plants - I’ve instantly became a hobbyist. 

My mom used to tend to her garden a lot, and she especially have a love for orchids.  Time and age caught up on her, and the absence of her loving care - the plants started to wrinkle and die one by one.
Seeing her getting weaker every day (on bed rest), I suggested an O2 therapy to help her feel stronger, and recover faster from frequent sickness.

The piece of NASA’s indoor plant as air filters made me realize that our home’s air quality is definitely not as pure as I would hope.  And the O2 therapy will not be sufficient. With the screens and curtains blocking air flow, and the absence of exhaust fan (in the kitchen) - I thought I have to do something.  Her love of flowers and plants, plus the plants’ benefits are obvious triggers for a next move.  BRING THE GARDEN IN!

Visiting Market Market store one day, a choice of NICE vs. PRICE made the decision easy. J I started w/ the indoor garden project before Christmas, so I thought I’ll buy something expensive partly as presents (Orchids in a nice pot cost 10-15$), and something cheaper but nice.  Bromelia costs ~5-7$ and I believe a good additional choice. 
 Bought decorative vases from a store (10$ each!), and garden tin-cans from All Home hardware store (5-10$) – and, Wellah!
Stairway garden.  I removed unrelated dust-collecting decorations and replaced by plants!  

Checking the home garden also made me realize that we have lots of potentials, so I brought some in.  Bought water-based paint (red, blue, yellow) and new pots, painted them nicely  - and I even painted the old ones.  I initially just wanted to change the house’s interior, but ended up working the garden outside as well.

Many snake plants (Sansevieria) around the garden apparently have many off-shoots waiting for propagation – so I also started with this process.  I took one home (in the Metro) and made a nice centerpiece.  Old, neglected but care-tolerant ferns, palms and bird’s nest - were seen bursting in their pots which I also split-and-replanted.   I felt good ‘creating new ones’ as if I helped them in some ways.   There was one home trip were I ran out of pots – so I started re-purposing big plastic containers and used them as planters.
Found other houseplants in the garden and moved them in.  Bought this huge clay pot and painted it red for better color contrast.  

It seems that this hobby-journey just started – because now I wanted every corner of the city home to also have something green or flowery!  In a nice pot or vase.   Will also get a proper propagation tools and increase the volume of ‘my creation’ in my next visit – perhaps give the extra as gifts to family and friends? 

Whatever lies in the future – one thing is for sure.  I’ll never live in a house without a nice-looking, and helpful plant!   It’s symbiosis!  It’s a natural thing.  

Any empty corner will look better with a plant. 

Introduced more plants in my Metro home. Never let a house become plant-less!
Update Jan.19.  Started propagating plants in the garden. Overflowing pots are obvious harvest-choice for the projects.  I made 20 new pieces this day.  Snake plant, anthuriums, bromelia, aloe, a few others - all good for indoor use.
Short-lived water soaked plants are still plants, and better than their faux versions.  You just have to frequently change them.  The nice thing is - you can always vary the scenery. 

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