Self Help

Lessons Learned in Mountaineering (about never giving up; focus, health, team, 'small joys in life', giving something back)

More self-help tips from climbing  (about failure, finding inspiration, living the journey)

Living with Less

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Anonymous said...

I am a Korean who lived in Cebu for 13 years. I came across your picture by coincidence in a North Face branch. I read about your trekking plans to Himalayas. If I had known sooner, I could have gone with you. For your next trip, I was hoping you could include me in your next trip. I wish you the best in the trip to Himalayas on the first of October. If you have further plans in the future, I was wondering if you could include me, either within the country or in foreign countries. These are my experiences in hiking:
I was in the hiking group in my university. I hiked Mt. Everest in 1988 and Mt. McKinley in 1989 and 1999. This is my email: and my contact number: 09173203577

I hope you reply. Thanks