Romi Garduce.
Is a mountaineer, an Adventure Athlete, a Scuba Dive Master, an occasional philanthropist, a Motivational Speaker, and an IT Professional and Project Manager;
He is also a former wildlife and conservation documentary TV show host -- GMA7's Born to be Wild.

Romi is an author of a book entitled Akyat! A Filipino's Journey to the Seven Summits.
He is an Everest summiteer, and the FIRST (and so far the only) Filipino who has completed the “7 Summits”.

He’s one of the more experienced and more recognized Filipino Alpine and High Altitude mountaineers – having climbed in many countries in all 7 continents; 
Most notable of his climb feats are:

topping out 2 “8000-meter peaks” or the so-called Death Zone Peaks (this includes Everest and Cho Oyu, the 1st and 6th highest mountain in the world); and summiting the highest mountain in all continents (called “7 Summits”)

As an adventurer - he has paddled lakes and open seas, scuba dived shipwrecks and shark-infested atolls, skied freezing mountains, and traveled in the remote corners of all the continents. He has been to Egyptian and Peruvian deserts, traveled through African savannah, trail-blazed the jungles of Southeast-Asia, climbed and survived in the most unforgiving peaks in the mountain ranges of Himalaya, Andes, Caucasus, Ellsworth and Alaska.

Mountaineering. Started in 1991, and has been into international mountain trips since 1998.

Outdoor Sports - Climbing/ Hiking, Scuba Diving (PADI Dive Master), Free Diving, Kayaking /Paddling, Rock climbing, White-water rafting, Spelunking, Parachuting, Downhill Skiing, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Sailing, Endurance (Tri/Dua) or Adventure Racing.

Other Interests - Travelling / Backpacking, Photography, Videography, Wildlife documentary, Philanthropy or Eco-Socio Projects

Countries or Territories visited (Travel, Climb) New Zealand, Australia, USA, Tanzania, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China, HK, Singapore, Russia, Argentina, Greece, Canada, Tibet, Palau-Pacific Islands, Borneo, Alaska, Spain, West Papua, Chile, Antarctica, Germany, Macau, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil...

His Schools.
Grade/High School: Tomas del Rosario College (Balanga, Bataan)
College: University of Santo Tomas (graduated BS Math – Computer Science)
Technical: Computer Institute for Asia (programming)

  Major National Awards and Recognitions:

1. A recipient of the “Order of Lakandula” (Champion for Life) Presidential award - November 2006

2. A “The Outstanding Young Man” (TOYM) awardee - October 2006, through his mountaineering and socio-community work.

"Through this blog, I wish to share my experiences, my life lessons, tips on personal development, or educate and create awareness on certain things.  I wish that through this sharing - I'll be able to offer some value and help to the readers..."
-Romi Garduce

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for inquiries contact: Romi.garduch   (@gmail.com)

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