Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quotes to Live By

One and a half a year ago, I started with my Instagram –(yeah pretty late I guess) but discovered that I enjoy the challenge of inventing or relating a quote to each picture that I post.

In a way, Instagram – along with this mind challenge had become my quick mental exercise while waiting for my coffee, or beer – or someone.  (No, I don’t do FB or twitter or others with my smartphone – a deliberate self-spacing decision).

As I review some phrases or quotes, I realize that some of them were half-meant, some serve as self-reminders helping me stick to my own life philosophies, or some are meant as joke-with-a-sense.

So as not to forget and lose them – I compiled some of them in this blog post. For entertainment, or perhaps as reminders when we face some life challenges. 

1.      Don't always stop when the road ends. Sometimes you just have to make a new one.
2.      View a mountain to feel peace, climb a mountain to feel life.
3.      Flowers wither, chocolates melt, but true love endures.
4.      Keep calm. Have faith. Things will be alright.
5.      Eat good food to be in a good mood

6.      To climb is human; to summit- divine.
7.      Don't worry about tomorrow, you may miss out the beauty of today
8.      No pain, no gain. No suffering, no joy. No failure, no triumph
9.      Opportunity is like fresh air, you have to open your windows to let it in...
10.  Laziness- is the enemy of fitness. Get up and move!
11.  Cloudy days and gloomy weather - are not reasons to waste a day.
12.  Walk more, talk less.
13.  Explore - to see something new; Get lost - to experience something different; Follow - when you can't find your way through.
14.  Just like a climb, success is but a series of obstacles. We just need to overcome one obstacle after another.
15.  Share a smile, give them joy, show them love...  or just give a little something, with a smile.

16.  End each day with a beautiful thought... sleep with a beautiful dream... & wake up each morning with a beautiful smile.
17.  Start the day right and your day will be bright.
18.  A life full of walls echoes insecurity & constraints; one with many bridges- is a life full of freedom & possibilities.
19.  A well-spent time in the past, paves a way to an exciting future!
20.  Where's the next Travel? What's the next Adventure? Don't overthink, don't over plan. Sometimes random or not-so-planned trips end up changing one's life in a big positive way.

21.  No alibis! There are a hundred things to dream about, and a thousand reasons not to pursue them.
22.  Not all those who got lost, wandered. But who cares, getting lost is part of life. It's how one finds his/her way back that matters.
23.  Complain not about your little troubles, others live in misery, or in constant danger. Or work so much harder for little money.
24.  Fulfillment & happiness are mostly consequences of great experiences. Invest on experience, not merely look for happiness.
25.  Some slippery goals are realized or achieved by minimal but sharp and focused actions.

26.  Sometimes, a simple life is a happy life.
27.  Some mountains- we climb, some - we just admire from a distance. Life is short, so we choose our battles, we choose our triumphs!
28.  Endure the test of time. Invest on matters that can last-- friendship, family, even faith or strong inner self may help us in our long journey.
29.  A path with no danger & difficulty leads to an empty ending.
30.  Alone, we're doubtful, scared & weak, but together, we're confident, bold & strong!

31.  Carry someone's burden and you'll be blessed with strength, friendship & even luck.
32.  Go out when you can, stay home if you must.
33.  Fear not the tunnel's darkness, for there will be light at its end.
34.  Keep a good & positive vibe. Pretty objects, favorite gears, lucky charms, religious items, even old & trusted underwear... whatever boosts your mood, or gives you luck, or keeps you safe- bring it, wear it, display it! It's not about magic, it's about enhancing your positive thought, of maintaining a good vibe.
35.  Sometimes what spells the difference is one's will to survive... the will to go on and to never say die!

36.  Extreme altitude requires some serious attitude.
37.  However challenging, or in the midst of suffering - have Fun! In worse times, that could be the only thing we can control.
38.  There will always be sunny days and perfect weather... Don't worry - things will be fine.
39.  Selfie-introspection. Reflecting on your life through your selfies.
40.  If you're bold - you lead, those who are scared will follow. If you lead - be strong lest you'd be left behind. If you're strong - have patience lest you'd leave your team behind.

41.  Great photography may reward you with ‘likes’ but great experiences will enrich your soul.
42.  Some life goals are like big steep walls, you progress inch by inch to achieve them. Have patience & momentum.
43.  Less trouble when you double. For a better chance of success or less chance of failure, double it. Have a backup. Have a plan B.
44.  What we collectively post (in social media) greatly influences our collective mood. Post more positives!
45.  The path of life is not always green and colorful. Just walk on anyway, and when you look back, you'd be proud & smiling that you made it through. Keep walking!

46.  Sometimes fitness is a consequence of doing things that you love or enjoy.
47.  'The suffering now is nothing compared to the triumph that awaits us...' forget Yoda, suffering & pain may lead us to something good.
48.  Dangerous doesn't mean certain death. It should mean heightened sense of care, caution & focus, and extensive preparation. Feel life, do something dangerous once in a while.
49.  Write your history. You can be creative and inspired to write the next great fiction novel, or -brave and bold to create and live your own great story to write.
50.  In this journey called life, sometimes we have to climb over boulders & rocks. There will be tough times which will require either our physical, or emotional, mental & even spiritual strength to overcome obstacles. Or perhaps all the strength & maturity of all these four. Fight on, fight hard; never surrender.

51.  If you don't try, you already failed. If you discourage others from trying, you failed twice. Trying and failing for real is the start of winning.
52.  Mountains can positively change a man. But only if he/ she climbs one - especially if it's a difficult one. Climb on, climb harder!
53.  We can complain every day, or do something positive (no matter how small). Small positive tasks enrich life & reduce sorry-feeling.
54.  The sweet spot. In a life full of rubbles, you can always find something beautiful or peaceful.
55.  Picture teases, 'tickles' or inspires us to do something, or go somewhere. Or at least helps us forget today's misery.

56.  Far sighted but near minded.  Set your long-term goal, but focus on your short-term ones to get there.
57.  ‘We went up to conquer, but went down conquered'. Climbing mountains are at times, a humbling experience; but that's the key to building strength & expanding our known limits. Climb on, climb harder!
58.  A journey of a thousand miles, begins with your life savings!

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