Friday, April 20, 2018

Picture Poetry Series 2

See Picture Poetry Series 1

As a past time and constant mental sharpening :) I write - or try to, :) pieces of poetry posted in my Instagram account.

Here are some of them...

Mt Ama Dablam, Nepal

Big goals- lofty and high,
Getting there can make you cry;
Goals require a sacrifice,
Success - always has a price.


One little bird high up the tree,
It's quietly singing, happy that it's free,
Then it suddenly stopped, must have seen a bee?
Then I realized that it pooped on me!  =)


Mt Apo (Philippines)

The birds chirped and flew by; the insects buzzed then went by;
A lonely cloud floated overhead, a sudden wind blew it to shred;
But We? We never tire, looking at each other - the mountain and I.

revised version of one of Li Bai's (Li Po) poems.


Mt Makiling (Philippines)

The mountains will stay and last, 
the forest will regrow - it must,
but we... are all simply passing by, 
and will disappear before the sky. 


Hawaii - at Diamond Head crater.

No matter how small, 
the mountain will still be tall;
no matter how easy, 
there's always a promise of beauty. 

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