Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Picture Poetry Series 1

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As a past time and constant mental sharpening :) I write - or try to, :) pieces of poetry posted in my Instagram account.

Here are some of them...
Mt Vinson Massif, Antarctica (to high camp)

Just like a ghost, quietly it follows,
In the high mountains, or in the shallows,
It mimics you, in triumph or in pain,
Shooing it away will just be in vain.


Nuvali, Laguna

Bike rolling down the hill,
Past the cow that is standing still;
Clouds drifting in the nice blue sky,
All these lifting my spirit high.


Balayan Bay, Batangas

Eggs laid in a sandy shore, hatchlings appear around day 54,
Crawling slowly to be free, some eaten – you will never see,
7 days swimming in the deep blue sea, and hiding to safety until maturity,
But alas the lucky few re-appears, after like 15 or 20 years;

Now elegant, confident and free; eating jelly fish and sea sponge before they flee, 
But unlucky ones - in the net were caught, or choked on plastics that you once bought, 
At least the mothers go back to the same shore; laying eggs for their future - to restore, 
And so this sea turtles’ extraordinary journey , believe me - is one of the best survival story!"

Mt Dulang Dulang (Bukidnon)

Nice, mossy and enchanting - is the forest,
Big, old and odd - are the trees;
Tired, hungry but happy - are we, 
Curious, excited and ready - you should be.

Mt Aconcagua (Argentina) post-summit.

Stay close together,
In good or bad weather;
And stay on the course,

For better or worse...

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