Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Journey of a Thousand Flowers

Alpine bush-flower surviving the extreme condition, near Ama Dablam Khumbu Nepal (2015)

A Valentine's post, remembering many of the beautiful creations that simply make everyone smile.
Outdoor travel will almost always expose one to great opportunities to see a wide variety of flowers, of any shape, color and kind!
Throughout my decades of travel, I've pictured some every now and then, and still deciding whether to regret not capturing others.
So for your next outdoor escape, make sure you click that cam every single time you see a flower. You'd eventually realize that these seemingly "pass-by or momentary decorations" can actually add color and beauty in your travel or outdoor memories.

I don't know all the names or natural history or ecological significance of each, so this is gonna be a show-and-only-show post. :)  Enjoy!
In Khumbu Nepal (2015)

Daisy perhaps?  Khumbu Nepal (2015)

ok, maybe just a leaf-plant but it looks different :)  Above Namche Khumbu Nepal (2015)

Khumbu Nepal (2015)

Khumbu Nepal (2015)

on a tea-house trek route in Khumbu, Nepal (2015)

a loner (Khumbu 2015)

looks dry and withered but this is a survivor alpine flower plant near Ama Dablam basecamp (Khumbu 2015)

typically, tea-house owners surround their properties with different common flowers (Khumbu 2015) 

mixed but same color. (Khumbu 2015)

a tall flowering bush, must be 20ft above me. (Khumbu 2015)
Beautiful trails with flowers all around (Khumbu 2015)

Zoom out version of the tall daisy-looking flower bush (Khumbu 2015)
in Langtang Nepal (2005)
Bukidnon Philippines 2014

Sunflower, Bukidnon Philippines 2014

in a forest in Bukidnon Philippines 2014

Bukidnon Philippines 2014

Bukidnon Philippines 2014

Bukidnon Philippines 2014

Bukidnon Philippines 2014
Tulips?  South Island, New Zealand 2000
Travel in Mykonos Greece 2007

Mykonos Greece 2007

Near Monuments Valley Arizona 2015 

Surviving dry desert condition. Arches National Park, Utah 2015

Maybe just a bush :) Arizona 2015

Arizona 2015

How these flowers flourish in the desert is beyond me.  Near Monuments Valley Arizona 2015

That's it folks!  Now - your turn...


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