Thursday, January 14, 2016

Having Fun with GoPro - in Boracay

With its 'wide' setting, intentional framing using various types of surrounding creates varying effects; here in a 6in diameter hole x 7-8in deep (in the sandy beach); time lapse of 1f/sec to get various poses and actions (in a waterproof case of course)

I’ve used GoPro since 2011 but mainly for video, and lately started using it more for photography.  Starting my Instagram also helped me discover hundreds of possibilities of how to photograph using this highly portable camera unit, and some of my experiments are based on the pictures that I saw in various GoPro-related pages. 

So here are some samples, with half-review / half-tip kind of remarks...

Another framing technique using small 'crevice' in the rock islet, it gives the illusion of a big cave where in fact this opening is just around 3x2ft

'Wide' covers a lot of subject/background, picture resolution is high (depends on setting) I think as much as 12mp. My other 'normal' camera/lens can capture max of 3 coconut trees with this same upward view.

'Wide' easily covers a large area even if you're NEAR the immediate object.  I mostly just point and shoot (well, it is a P-and-S kind of camera setting) and +80% of the time will hit the subject-background right.

With the right casing - one can do mixed under and over-the-water shot. This one is a failed version (the water receded before I clicked)
It can swim, if you use the waterproof casing.  Here's an underwater shot with the missing fish (I swear I saw one passing by)

Wide can fit many, but it could be a challenge if you want a 'tight' effect (obviously).  I desired a 'crowdy' shot here to make the Ati-atihan parade 'full' but wide setting dispersed the subjects.  A watch-out.

It's good for the often-inevitable jump shots. Using burst setting (10frames/sec) could avoid repeated jumping effort by your chosen model. 

What's more, it can give the illusion of height (when taken from the ground) .

Action shots using 'burst' is easy, shutter timing (i.e. start) is the key.  Here (8 of 10pics using 10f/sec) shows 'slow-motion' of a forward roll.  Wide shot almost ensures that you'll capture the subject in the frame.

Fitting big foreground subject/s is/are easy, without losing a good background (albeit 'far and small' with not much detail)

The BEST selfie camera out there!  With or without the selfie stick!

Good or bad, it 'curves' somewhere - this one is deliberate for added effect.  A GoPro near the surface/bottom (ex. water/ ground) will curve the surface, while a distant shot (say ocean) will curve the top background.

Another curving example, and how wide is wide (I was a mere 3-4m away from the islet), it's the next thing to fish-eye lens
If you don't know it yet, the world is truly round!  Here top curving example taken from a para(chute)-sail.

Stand tall!  Even if you're not ;)

It can tolerate some direct sun exposure, without 'washing out' the picture! (A problem of some lens/camera)
It may not be the best sunset/ sunrise camera (- it exaggerates distance hence reduces the sun's size) - but can still capture it nicely...

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