Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fun Run-Walk in Talisay-Tagaytay

The idea was to run uphill with 10kg load to simulate cardio activity in a thin air environment. Uphill run or walk is the best training to reach one's Target Heart Rate Zone (when you can hear your own heartbeat).  
The mostly steep Talisay-Tagaytay road fulfilled its promise of offering 'hardship' where it made our hearts pumped big time (especially mine hehe), although the group feels 'bitin' (wanting more). We'll just have to find longer steep roads or trail next time.

Thanks to the support of our friends from:
Runners (all mountaineers) posing at the starting line. All doing our first run/walk on this road, not sure if it's gonna be hard or what...

Run started with a bright sunny sky. Almost.  Our mistake - running uphill without warm-up run on flats. While it's generally good for a quicker heart burst, "it just felt wrong' :)

This is the last time I'd see the group... 'see you in the finish line' (I was the last, as usual hehe)
We passed by several downed electric posts, the aftermath of typhoon Glenda.  Best alibi for resting is picture-taking.

Some road sections offer narrow passage for cars, jeeps and trucks, again due to the typhoon..

Kerwin, Cavz and Mike seemed to enjoy the experience. Or maybe thinking WTF-is-this
"Honey, hurry up I'm bored". Ultra Runners will find this route short / 'bitin', although I suggested a Tagaytay road run extension FOR them which they politely declined)

Spectacular views of Taal Lake,  this one at Laeuna de Taal.
A good view of Tagaytay Ridge from the lower section of the route can be seen, especially in a good cooperative weather
This dog growled and barked and tried to taste my leg skin.  Your best move: Bark back!  (Cavz on the far left of the picture, hoping that the dog wins by at least a bite)

Pointing at Cavz, commanding the dog to attack (it didn't).
Good view everywhere. Near this section, we saw local residents throwing jeep-load of trash on the ravine as if nature will  simply vaporize it...  
Downed power lines were small hurdles for runners. But not for 4-wheeled vehicles.

Approaching the Talisay boundary, the weather already different...

And then in RAINED...

Cavz and I, keeping the tail (not that we wanted to)...
Agos!  Downpour causing little streams on the road.  We were wet from head to toe.  Good thing that we were on the last section when rain poured.

Finally, the end of the journey, Tagaytay junction.  Hot mami noodles and cold beer (Kerwin's weight load).

Quick but plenty - A good hearty meal in Paseo, Sta Rosa (behind are collapsed roof of the parking area)

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