Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Best Nine of Instagram 2017

More than photos, the quotes or poems are added 'entertainment' to my Instagram postings!

As part of my personal challenge, I have to come up with a quote or poem that is relevant to the photo that I am posting.
Here's my 2017's best nine photos and their corresponding quotes/poems...

a. We can either read, or write history. 
     Event photo during History Con 2017 awarding
b. Adapt to thrive, not just to survive.
     Uniqlo's outwear campaign, re: layering tips

c. Dark, cold and lonesome - are problems of the unprepared man.
     Uniqlo's outwear campaign, tips on keeping warm

d. Fitness is a means to accomplish something, not an end goal.
     Climbing Mt Cho Oyu

e. Sometimes, life is about toughing it out together...
     Summit shot of Mt Aconcagua

f. The mountains will stay, 
    the forest will regrow; but we... are simply passing by, 
    and will disappear before the sky. 
     Mt Makiling traverse

g. Limits are but mental boundaries 
    broken by strong mind and will...
     Mt Everest's camp4 at South Col (+26,000ft)

h. The birds chirped and flew by; the insects buzzed then went by;
    A lonely cloud floated overhead, a sudden wind blew it to shred;   But We? We never tire, looking at each other - the mountain and I.    
        -revised version of one of Li Bai's (Li Po) poems
    Mt Apo Reforestation Trip 2017

i.   Be strong like a rock and patient like a mountain. 
    Life is tough and the journey is long...
     Mt. Denali - during one of the rest days in high camp.

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