Tuesday, August 15, 2017

History Con 2017

Eagerly receiving the award on stage.  
I watched shows in History channel and FYI so imagine my surprise when I got an email from their local PR asking if I can be part of their History Maker awards program.  Who would say no, right?

Just to be safe, I asked for a list of other awardees (I got a partial list) and seeing respectable names - I concluded that it will be definitely a great opportunity.

To be honest, I was not familiar with History Con event so getting there and seeing jam-packed booths and endless flow of people - I was both surprised and overwhelmed.  They promised 'bigger' and better - and seeing large halls of the World Trade Center filled to their maximum - it was really BIG.

c/o History Con's event page.

Of course I saw some of their big stars such as Horny Mike, Jamie Dempsey, Adam Liaw and the 2 admirable hosts of Tiny House - John and Zack.

The highlight (for me) was obviously the awarding, with an added surprise of seeing both Pia and Anne - both shining fabulously and beautifully.

After the euphoria,  I felt that it was good to be reminded about past effort and achievements -  somewhat a reminder not to rest for too long, and to plan -what could be, the next history making adventure...

A few photos I got from my friends.
Ms. Anne Curtis

The awardees of 2017.

Ms. Hidilyn - silver medalist in the recent Olympics.

Beautiful Ms. Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe)

The handsome...err... just me :)

Selfie with Dr. Rein Reyes (astrophysicist) and Ms. Anne Curtis

with Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and representative of Mr. Brillante Mendoza

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