Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Gears and Gadgets of 2015

Well, that was quick -  2015 just went by. Time really flies!

As I ended my 2015, I looked back in appreciation and see which gears or gadgets that I’ve acquired were rated “very good” and/or offered more future promises.  I realized that I didn’t acquire much (which was GOOD!) but here are few of them…  

This shoes can fly! (The North Face running shoes).  captured by GoPro - perfect gadget for wide action shots!
1.      GoPro Hero4.   I’ve  been a GoPro user since 2011, but I only owned a piece this 2015.  Well actually 2 (one is share-ware) the other one is a ‘loan’ from Dan’soutdoor shop. :)  GoPro has been an adventurers’ camera of great convenience.  I’ve documented my past trips using bigger, heavier but less effective video and camera units – so the introduction of very flexible, compact and sports-proof gadget is a big, big welcome change. 

2.      Solar rechargeable power bank.  I've never used power banks before (I rarely drain my battery ‘doing social media’) but I’ve decided to acquire one due to my recent Nepal trip’s need for recharging capability.  Now I see that it is a helpful gadget where one can just leave it in the car’s dashboard or house window to recharge, sans electricity!  Good timing actually, as I just recently started my Instagram and Twitter which necessitated more selfish time and hence recharging. ;)

3.      The North Face running shoes.  Yes I know I’ve had ten pairs or so – but mostly boots and heavier trail shoes.  This new one that I just got is LIGHT, so light that I can sprint better/faster; and so I finally retired my good ‘ol running shoes.
3 things to highlight -  Travelon tour bag,  solar rechargeable power bank (yellow-black on the right side), GoPro Hero4 (top)
4.      Travelon anti-theft tour /sling bag.  At first I find it cumbersome when seated not wanting to just put it on the side (lest I defeat the ‘security purpose’).  But I’m getting used to it, and the big winning factor - the features that give me confidence that I can’t simply be ‘smarted out’ by thieves. 

5.      Inabel cowl (enclosed shawl).  I’m not into fashion especially into wearing shawl/cowl/scarf but this experiment on creating something from hand-woven fabric led me to try using one. Best use for me is travelling in airplane (or long bus rides, etc.) where I can use it both as head cover and blanket.  It’s big enough as a head-torso cover that I no longer use the blanket provided in the airplane. 

Using my Inabel Cowl here as extra head-neck warmer (Nepal 2015).
So that's it!
I wish to see more useful, effective gadgets or gears this 2016!   

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