Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Joy Will Take You Further

Nov2015 Ad on Town & Country Magazine

There are days that something will just surprise you… 

Imagine my reaction when I read emails, SMS and hearing the same thing from a short call - asking if I can be part of some big brand campaign.   I just came in from a 2-week trip and not bothering to turn on my roaming, or check my email or FB messages (it was a vacation after all) – I didn’t realize there were ‘urgent’ calls.
The first reaction was – “really?” not even fully understanding the scale or scope of the engagement or campaign.  As I realize that it was global in nature, I started asking myself “why me”; and later on progressing to “why not”.

I recognize that I have limited brand campaign tie-ups and relatively new to such things.  But at the same time, imagine the excitement knowing that this is the first-ever Pinoy involvement in such a big campaign for the brand.  And more excitement when I finally saw the script showing names of celebrities from all around the world.  Of course – there’s that occasional ‘why am I part of this, again’ thought more driven by awe and respect to big names than self-doubt.

As preparation continued, I realize that I genuinely like the campaign -  the MESSAGE that it wants to spread across.  And I just see myself as one of the messengers.  I see that there are millions who live and breathe the concept, but nonetheless – I thought I can do my little part in sending the message across.
And if you ask about the brand – yes I do like Johnnie Walker scotch whisky.  And in my sphere, perhaps the better question is – who wouldn’t? ;)  So it was a good fit actually in many ways.
Some of the personalities involved in this campaign.  I'm very flattered (to be part of this) but humbled at the same time...

Walk With Joy
I realized early on in my professional career that life is not about ‘burning your life’ (or others) just for the sake of winning or becoming ‘successful’.  Even popular corporate trainings like Steven Covey’s 7 Habits clearly talked about balance in life or about not 'killing the goose the lays the golden egg', among other things.  And being in a corporate world for a long time, I’ve seen happy people, sad people, others successful-but-sad or something in between.  And I saw who were genuinely happy and progressing in life, or who were living his/her ‘happy path’.  We know of course that life is about working and striving for a better life. Which most of the time means hard work.  And for many, that works just fine.
With Jon Good (Diageo Philippines GM) and Saab Magalona (co-influencer) during the launch event.

Johnnie Walker’s enhanced campaign ‘Joy Will Take You Further’ is actually an old concept that many people already know, or lived. Today, we see a lot of them –look at the big, successful people who simply pursued their passion – their ‘happy path’ (ex. developing a helpful application that turned into a billion$ brand). 

This concept is somehow backed by more recent studies about positive thinking. And it observed that people who have joy in what they do actually progress better.  And it’s very logical, easy-to-swallow concept.   

Enjoying a quick caipirinha (on a windy rooftop) with our liaison-host and the band manager of OK Go, before the shoot.
In my mountaineering career, I’ve seen how it worked.  Climbing mountains of course is challenging for the most part, it’s difficult and you put a lot of hard work to be on top.  But, we’re not talking about one mountain only.  There has to be a grand reason why I, and other mountaineers keep climbing.  And the simple reason is that – we found joy!  Perhaps similar to other activities or sports when one got ‘stoked’, or felt genuine happiness, or just had a great experience that one wanted to repeat.
In my case, those ‘happy moments’, the good memories and the (what I call) “undefined fulfillment” drove me to climb more, to climb higher – which eventually helped me climb all the highest mountain in all continents (called “Seven Summits”). 
So this joyful journey sustains us, it propels us to do more…

Progress can also be ‘horizontal’.  I’ve observed that when I do certain projects or activities (advocacy, sports, etc) that I enjoyed, it connects me to something outside my known realm which consequentially expands my world.   I’m proud that I can pursue paddling, biking, scuba diving, photography, traveling, advocacy work and hundred other things.  These seemingly unconnected experiences collectively enrich my life in many ways than one.

Translating the concept to how we live our daily lives might be different, but the message is a good, constant reminder nonetheless to always keep in mind that having joy in what we do helps us get further.   
We hear ‘seize the day’, I’ll add ‘happily seize this day, every day forward!” Imagine a life full of smiles and less stress, it’s communicable and spreads like an angelic virus.  And it can even make this world a better place. :)

Oh, have you seen the video ad?
Checking out the wall, pre-shoot.  Yep, that's a climber up there.

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Congrats Sir Romy! You are truly a pinoy pride. Seeing this campaign ad makes me smile knowing that my name is included in it. :) -joy