Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kitanglad and Dulang-Dulang One-day Traverse

I've been quietly pursuing my "5-peak in 5-days" personal climb project since 2011.  This is nothing more than a personal challenge to climb the top 5 highest peaks in the Philippines, in a day-climb fashion (for each).  The hope is to encourage or influence other experienced climbers to consider doing day-climbs as alternative to multi-day /camping trips (less time, less eco-impact, more adventures).  Of course, we also want to establish an aspirational local objective in the hope of offering a 'good reason to climb' - to promote our mountains, and the provinces where these mountains are located.
Thanks to TNF for the continued support of this endeavor

Here below is a brief picture-story of our Kitanglad-D2 Traverse:
(Nov1/2014) From the base (waiting shed), we started dark in the early morning (with head torch), and got at this viewpoint in time to catch the sunrise. The trail to Kitanglad is pretty straightforward. Peak has communication towers/facilities and livable habitat for engineers, staff and military personnel guarding the place. (here posing with rasta boy, Jaja)

First hours were ok, but beyond the 3rd hour - "nakakabaliw' na, the peak (with big towers) seems to move farther away as you get near (an illusion caused by its weird topography, or maybe tiredness).

It took me a little more than 4hours to reach the peak.  Here still-happy posing with UP Mountaineers (Kenneth, myself, Jaja, Dennis) while giving the sign of 'four' (4th highest in the Philippines).

What's a climb without fun, here practicing my Sayo-nah-chi while giving 2 'four' hand gestures; Sayonachi is a non-fighting art of escaping from your enemy he-he :)

Some parts of the route/terrain gave a bit of challenge. Here, wet and muddy rock climbing!

Or, tree, root, branch, moss climbing....

Cernan (our guide from NORMMS group) at the water source near D2 peak.  I consumed 3 liters in this traverse and needed a refill. 
Avatar!  Spectacular mossy forest is but typical in Dulang-Dulang mountain area...

Clouds and rain adding to the challenge...

2 dudes got envious with my wooden walking stick so they picked up dead sticks along the way. Here doing the 3 tired-musketeers pose at D2 peak.

Just below the Dulang-Dulang summit to hopefully add some nice mountain background (but which was suddenly enveloped by the clouds... hmph!)

Sayonachi Summit: "eto sayo", handing out 'something' manuever (similar to a thrust-attack on a real fighting art, but gentler)
Early cold and wet morning at Langkayugan base where we bivouac for the night; we continued the traverse to Langkayugan and Maagnaw Peak (8th) on this day before finally riding back to Malaybalay then CDO).

Clouds shrouding Kitanglad and Dulang-Dulang as we climb up to Langkayugan
Finally reaching Langkayugan peak and 'saw a better world'...
What's a trip in these mountains without a sight of Pitcher plants...

or nice forest flowers....

or creatures such as this snail, or 'weird'-looking insects
(at Langkayugan). Far and away lies the 5th highest mountain in the Philippines (replacing Tabayoc, formerly 5th) - here, Kalatungan range 'floating' in the clouds. 
Although the plan was to do a day climb for every peak, we ended up climbing these 2 peaks in 1 day given their proximity (with each other) and general practicality.

Watch out for the next posts:  Mt Kalatungan, 5 Peaks-5 Days summary report

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Anonymous said...

Just climbed Mt Kitanglad and Dulang2x traverse on 02-02 to 02-04. Took me 8 hours to Kitanglad with my 20kilos backpack,5hrs 45mins to Mt. Dulang2x with heavier backpack because the porter turned around with another hiker who decided to turn back. Tough hike but soooo worth it! It's an accomplishment only few could understand, Dayang here 40 and an avid nature lover! Peace to you all!!! Dayang-dayang L. Delima