Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Five Peaks in Five Days

My intention of pursuing this 5-peak challenge was really to promote our mountains.  The day-climb was a twist, and with added benefit of actually saving time and conserving the mountain (i.e. less camping).  It is also my wish to establish something aspirational - a doable but a bit difficult 'adventure package' (like 7 summits) but done in a local setting.
I would encourage our mountaineers to visit and enjoy our mountains - perhaps following this same scheme, doing a day-climb for each peak.  Even doing it faster or with added twist!

Recalling these climbs:
Mt Apo (highest) day-climb as part of GMA7's Born to be Wild 'explorations' show.  Took the EDC trail (Kidapawan, but not through Venado).  This is probably the shortest route, took me ~4:50 to go up. (3h down).  June2011.

(video grab) Dec the same year (2011), again with GMA7's Born to be Wild crew documenting Pulag the 3rd highest (this picture), Tabayoc and Mt Data (in Mountain Province).  I took the traditional, Ambangeg route starting from the ranger station where we slept for the night.  ~2h30min to summit.
Oct29,2014 - a long wait before I continued with this project. Here at Kalatungan (the 5th highest).  Took the traditional route via bgy Mendis, took me ~6.5h to summit.
Nov1.2014.  at Kitanglad's summit (4th highest) doing wacky pose.  the same day, my team went on the climb Dulang-Dulang (so I actually finished 5 peaks in 4 days).  Took me a little more than 4h to summit, starting from the waiting shed at the jump-off at bgy Intavas.
At Dulang-Dulang's summit (2nd highest), Nov1/14.  Went down the same day to Langkayugan base.  From Kitanglad, around 5h to Dulang's summit via its connecting ridge.  This was the last of the top5 for me.
What's Next?
There's no logical path but to continue with the 6th to 10th ;)

Mt Tabayoc 6th highest.  Day-climb after I climbed Pulag (Dec2011).  Took me around 2:30 from the starting point near the lake.
Mt Maagnaw 8th highest, with UPM team and NORRMS guide. Nov2,2014. Maybe 3h from Langkayugan base.

The rest, I don't know when... only time will tell =)

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