Thursday, October 9, 2014

Camaya Sands in Bataan

I've been doing a 'rediscover Bataan' series as good alibi to always visit home.
I have a previous post on Bataan tourism here, this one below was my recent trip on the southern most part of Mariveles, Bataan.
Since this is a relatively new place, and since Anvaya cove doesn't cater to non-members - I'd rank this as #1 resort in Bataan.  For now at least.  ;)
Amenities: swimming pool, play room (billiards, ping pong, etc.), bike, kayaks

How to get there: by car, take the Roman highway all the way to Mariveles (45km fr. Balanga), follow Bagac-road (going west) for another hour (~18km).  Kind'a long, but the road is not busy.  Bus: go to Mariveles,  ride a pre-booked Camaya van ;)  
Resort is med-high expensive (7k pesos cheapest room, ask for a discount as I did :))
Camaya Sands from a distance. from. the guard house, it's another 4.5km down to Camaya Sands, passing through residential areas.  This one is some 1km prior.  I saw a river on the eastern side (left of this pic), thriving bird population including raptors.

Sands' reception area.  you can tell that the room would be equally nice (i don't have pic).  Room is big with big toilet typical of nice hotels. and a balcony. and free coffee.

Resto cottage as seen from the beach. so far the only one.  Ordered food was ok, I didnt like the buffet that much although relatively rightly priced (550 dinner, 250 breakfast I think).

southeastern part of the beach. the water level is shallow for a hundred meters (i didnt reach past 50m).

southwestern side of the beach. 

nice warm infinity pool  not deep at all. jacuzzi pool on the left side (not seen), shallow kiddy pool below this (not seen)

gloomy weather but the pool experience was nice
mt Mariveles fr. the south

resto by the beach, at night
showing off my 'never stop exploring' shirt
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