Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Launch Event Oct3

Book Launch pictures - I 'borrowed' some photos from various online pages - Thanks to my picture sources: R.O.X., Jane, Gabby, others..

Here talking about the book to, what seemed
to be a 'serious' or shy crowd atypical of the
usual noisy outdoor groups :)

A slide show and a talk through - describes
what to expect from the book 

Book-signing time

Book team (l-r): Main editor Ms. Babeth Lolarga,
author Romi Garduce, artist Kerwin Nicolas.
A big Thanks to my team!

Launch with media and partners. Followed by
lunch c/o 2 caterers, not that it was planned
that way :) Loved the callos!

with GMA7 crew - the guys who were at the Ev
basecamp covering the expedition. GMA7 was
one of the book project sponsors.

with SMART representative Mr. Darwin Flores.
One of the book project sponsors.

with Unilab (Revicon Forte) representative Mr.Carlo Fermin.
One of the book project sponsors.
Summit mineral water lined up in the registration
area. One of the book project sponsors.


with ConceptFoods (Ulalammm) representative
Mr. Glenn Miguel. One of the book project sponsors

showing off my book AND t-shirt!

Juice Jab provided healthy / detox drinks during
the launch.


Mel said...

Sir Romi, how can I purchase one with your signature? :) My partner and I are avid hikers but has taken a hiatus because of our baby on the way. :)

It's his birthday on 20-Oct and I plan to get your book (one for me and one for him as his bday gift) but your autograph would make it really special. :) Thanks!

Garduch said...

hi Mel,
medyo kelangan ng timing. I do visit R.O.X. once in a while, i can 'chance meet' book buyers siguro. Ayan, you didn't attend kase the book signing/launch ;P email email when that happens (PM me pls romi.garduch@gmail.com)

pinaytunay said...

Me too romi. i really wanted to come but i already had hiking trip on that day which i could not postpone..i also like your shirt. san pwede makabili? Thanks!

Mel said...

Haha yes sir, sayang talaga. It would've been an honor to meet you. Been seeing R.O.X. post re: your book launch. Vampire shift kasi kami at work kaya di makapunta. :)

Alrighty po, will send you a mail and will drop by R.O.X na din, usually do that on the weekends. Thank you so much! :)