Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Resurrected

I finally decided to "re-install" myself on-line after realizing that I have not been that very cyber-friendly :)

Funny that as I revisit my 'blogs', (not being very good at it) I realized I have more than 20 independent sites!  Not wanting to recreate and rewrite too much, I updated this one and created Pages to simply put some sort of structure for my contents. I hope it works =)

As I read through other personal blogs, I thought that I should do the same, continue writing, reach out and hopefully be able to contribute more in this world.  I have a ton of experience in many areas  - and I hope that I would be able to share those stories, offer insights, lessons learned and even tips on how to go about certain things. 

So here it goes...  read on ;)

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