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I'm currently doing Research and Development of several products and have 'samples for sale' in the facebook link below.  This endeavor supports several advocacy such as
- Promoting Philippine-made/sourced products (growing local economy, reducing imports)
- Helping preserve tradition (ex. hand-weaving) and supporting local artisans
- Sustainable sourcing / planet-friendly products (ex. use of local, natural materials over plastics)
- Functional (in the areas of outdoor sports, camping, travel, home or even corporate/office use)

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Sample Pictures
Inabel Malongs.  Inabel or Abel-Iloko are intricately designed hand-woven fabrics.  The malong is ideal for travel, camping and home use.  "Experience the comfort of a soft and warm blanket - in a malong".
 Walking Sticks.  From seasonal farm scraps and trimmings.  Fashioned with Abaca hand-wraps and leash which may be used as high-strength emergency cord.

Men's Messenger/ Laptop bag made of T'nalak - the T'boli's centuries-old hand-woven fabric made of Abaca

Abaca Survival Bracelets.  A 3-4ft cord x 2 strands yields 6-8 feet of emergency cord. Mostly fashioned with bronze charms.

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